Why waste your own future fund?



The Australian Federal Labor Government have managed to not only spend the generous surplus handed to them by the previous Liberal  Government, they have also pillaged and squandered the “Future Fund”.

This fund was set up by the Howard Government for the very purpose that its name denotes “The Future” it was set up to cater for superannuation and retirement purposes for public servants and groups who are not automatically catered for through their own endeavors.

Home owners who are selling their property to either downsize, upsize or set themselves up for a tree or sea change should think of the proceeds of the sale as their own Future Fund, the amount that you receive after you pay out the mortgage, if you have one, is yours and your family’s future.

Why then would you want to squander or unnecessarily pay out thousands of dollars from your “Future Fund” to a Real Estate Agent?

Is it your Future Fund or the Real Estate Agents Future Fund?

This doesn’t make any sense as what the agent does is exactly what  most people and certainly any parent does on a daily basis “negotiate”. We all negotiate with someone, our kids and family, Telstra when they bill us incorrectly (and that is usually done with people who can’t speak English!!), our bank, school teachers, neighbors, golfing buddies, our doctor, vet, dentist, buying theatre tickets, registering the car …the list goes on, it is an integral part of life in the big wide world.

Given that we all negotiate some or most of the time why is it that the majority of people don’t think that they can do something as simple as selling their own home, why do they want to get a total stranger who knows nothing about their property to negotiate on their behalf with someone who really wants to buy it? The potential buyer has gone to all of the trouble of researching the availability of the property, probably spent hours with their bank working out if they can afford it, got their partner and kids excited, moved sport around on Saturday so they can go and see it and when they arrive the owner is not even there. They encounter a person who has never slept a night in the property, can’t operate the oven, doesn’t know the local parishioners names and just rushed to the open from another property that they have a similar lack of information about, it’s a weird concept don’t you think?

It’s little wonder that the Sell Your Own property services market is growing and the traditional Real Estate business is contracting, just last year over 10,000 agents left the industry, numerous independents have popped up as agents have been laid off from the big names and their offices closed down.

There will be many more to follow as vendors start to realize that they can protect their own Future Fund by simply greeting someone at their door, smiling and answering a few questions and ultimately banking a lot more from the sale of their property than they would of in the past!