Real Estate Secrets Revealed



For years real estate agents have always spruiked that only they can sell your house as they have that secret “something” that somehow enables them to close the deal!!

Why have people bought this great deception for so long? What is it about the real estate industry that makes them think that people will continue to buy this outdated cockeyed notion?

Winston Churchill once said “a lie gets halfway around the world before truth gets a chance to get its pants on”

Real Estate Agents thrive on their lie; there is nothing special or secret about what they do and if there was, why is it a secret? What have they got to hide from their clients, the very people who supply the funding for them to eat, drink and be merry?

Analyze the process involved in selling a house, it’s very uncomplicated and it can be broken down into a few basic components:

Person A: wants to sell their current house for some good reason, upsizing, downsizing, tree change, sea change, divorce, marriage, a new job or they simply can’t afford the massive mortgage any more.

Person B: has decided to buy a house in person A’s area for some good reason, upsizing, downsizing, tree change, sea change, divorce, marriage, new job or they have worked out that they can afford a massive mortgage.

Person B is motivated to find person A because they may have what he or she wants so they spend hours researching, talking to their bank, their relatives, drinking lots of wine whilst looking on the net and analyzing what properties are on the market at what price, size and configuration in the area they have decided to move to.

Then Voila!!! They find person A’s property right there in front of them on or some other listing site and they get really excited, it has everything they have dreamed about, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, pool, tennis court, 10 car garage, a cellar and the biggest lounge room they’ve ever seen. It seems like a dream come true, they’re excited, their partner is excited, and the kids are excited!! So they immediately call the agent whose phone goes straight to voicemail, waiting, waiting, and waiting and after about 2 days (because they called late Sunday and all “good agents” have Monday off due to their “so busy” weekends of boring and tiresome Open Homes) the agent calls back.

By this time person B has looked at so many homes on the net and drunk so much red wine on Sunday night that they can’t remember which house the agent is talking about. Finally they work out which one and the agent then says that he will have to contact the owner to see if there is a suitable time to show person B through their dream home, waiting, waiting and waiting…get the picture?

This whole process is flawed, what if person B could simply pick up the phone on Sunday night and talk directly to person A? Now there is a secret!! Both could discuss what their objectives are, a time to meet up could be agreed upon then & there Voila!! Another secret revealed.

Selling your own home is not difficult, there aren’t really any secrets to it just think of it as yet another transaction in life, no different to selling a car, just the dollar amounts are different. There is a willing purchaser for your property and you are a willing seller, this is the oldest business concept in the history of the world.

Just do it!