Real Estate Industry in Decline!



Real Estate Agents are rapidly becoming irrelevant to homeowners who are planning to sell.

Vendors are fast waking up to the realization that they can sell their homes and save thousands in the process.  They can then put these very substantial savings towards their next property, or go on a great holiday.

People are now looking at the process of selling their home no differently than selling their car; it’s that simple and straightforward. The Internet has changed the way many businesses operate and traditional real estate agencies are finding out that there are many alternatives to their services. Homeowners can now access professional real estate sales and marketing services to sell their own home.

Vendors are no longer interested in paying some stranger to stand at the door of their home, writing down names whilst they hide in the local park with their kids and dog. Buyers are tired of turning up and being greeted by someone who has never slept a night in the house that’s for sale and has no real idea about it.

The real irony of all this is that the vendor has to supply all of the answers to buyer’s questions anyway, via the agent, yet the agent expects to be paid handsomely for this message relaying service. If you really analyze it, this is a weird concept!

Real Estate Agents are waking up to this and many are joining the revolution!

Recently Barry Goldman of LEDA Real Estate in Sydney told Real Estate Business; “If you can sell your own car online why can’t people sell their own home” this comment is from an individual who has supposedly been in real estate sales for 40 years!

He goes on to say “that the real estate industry is not giving value for money” what a revelation! So he is now helping people directly to sell their own homes, do their own opens and talk directly to buyers. What a difference after 40 years of being a highly paid name taker and message intermediary.

Selling your own home is not a science, you don’t need a degree (real estate agents attest to that every day!) it is about focus and determination something most individuals find easy to muster up.

To steal a great slogan “Just Do it!”   It’s easier than you think!