Petrol pump attendants and Real Estate Agents!



30 years ago every Petrol Station offered driveway service, you wouldn’t think of getting out of your car to pump your own petrol as it was a highly technical and dangerous activity requiring special skills!!

Today you just need to be over 16 years old………….and the staff in the petrol station would refuse to fill your car even if you asked them to, how things have changed.

Travel Agents, Milkman, Bakers, Telegram boys and numerous other sectors of business have undergone dramatic change, many have disappeared completely, others have reinvented themselves to adapt to the changing cyber world that we now live and work in.

One industry exception that has resisted change is Real Estate Agents, they are still promoting the idea that only they have the skills and temperament to sell your home. They still try and convince vendors that it requires a special skill with specialized training and techniques to sell a property.

This is actually a grand delusion that is promoted by people who have not seen the writing on the wall for their industry sector, they have not read the signs that the internet has been providing over the past 3-5 years.

87% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property.

People moving suburb or state simply Google the new location, put in their preferences and… voila!  they have a list of properties that match their requirements  with photos, details, satellite and street images and comparative pricing…………….all without any intervention by a real estate agent.

Vendors are rapidly waking up to the fact that the best person to sell their home is them. Buyers are embracing the opportunity to deal direct with the homeowner as it cuts through all of the spin and miscommunication of third party involvement.

Companies that provide services direct to private sellers are proliferating and many are rapidly displacing traditional real estate agents. Some are offering a high level of customer service however many are just document factories that supply signs and list their clients properties on the internet.

Will this transition to DIY real estate sales really replace traditional real estate agents? Will the Internet and sell yourself systems lay waste to an industry that has enjoyed a smoke and mirrors existence for so long, sadly it is beyond the point of no return.