Handyman required, renovate! Bomb maker required, detonate


Real Estate Agents have their own special language to describe properties and to get buyers to turn up to Open Inspections, however, is it effective and does it really attract serious buyers?

Are real buyers taken in by these old fashioned, out of touch by-lines or are they looking for a more direct and open approach, one which provides them with honest property descriptions and real information which can save them time and effort.

Recent research has shown that an ever increasing percentage of home owners are not listing with real estate agents but are actually selling their own homes. They are enjoying the buzz of being in charge of their own sale and talking openly and directly to buyers.

Just imagine a whole new listing strategy where private sellers advertise on realestate.com.au using their own newly created language……

Happy family required, live in our dream!

Great dad & mum required to play tennis with their kids on our court!

This could be a whole new way of advertising real estate, appealing directly to the emotions of the buyers, it certainly would get some attention and create some discussion.

The Real Estate industry has been very slow to wake up to the changes in seller sentiment, they still hope that property owners will continue to buy the myth that only a real estate agent has the qualifications to sell their home.

This delusion is helping in the proliferation of real estate self sell systems which are flourishing in Australia and many of them offer great service and support so soon we may see real estate offices with for sale signs that say ……….Don’t renovate, just detonate!!

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