Confidence is the key to successfully selling your own home!


Real Estate Agents have been very successful in convincing vendors that they have a “special something” a talent that enables them to get the best price for a property. It seems that this talent enables only them to deal with buyers, hypnotize them and sell your house for more than it is really worth. Using this talent, they can get people to pay more than they plan to despite the constraints of lending and loan servicing rules and the fact that buyers all have a price level that they have decided on long before they inspect the property for sale.


How have they been able to continually convince people to buy into this myth?

Confidence, they have confidence! This confidence is the very essence of what makes the real estate industry thrive, it is their real talent and it is easy to replicate.


They confidently convince their clients that only they can provide the best option to sell their home. They confidently convince potential buyers that only they can convince the vendor to drop their price and secure the property for them. It is all about confidence!


They confidently convince you that “the market” thinks that your house is overpriced!

They do this confidently despite the fact that it was they who convinced you in the first place to put the price on it. Now that’s confidence!


Consider confidence as the real talent that you have, we all have it in many forms, you just need to capture and enhance your own special level of confidence and use it in a productive way to sell your home. We all get confidence from achievement whether they are big achievements or small ones; these are the things that boost our feelings of confidence.


We all do things every day that boosts our confidence, whether it is cooking with a new recipe, starting a craft, buying a new car, getting a new hairstyle, downloading an App or simply walking the dog. All of these activities are confidence boosters; however, many people don’t see them this way. They see confidence as a special attribute that only a select group of individuals possess, one that they could never achieve or hope for.


If you have ever watched any of the many “So & So has Got Talent” shows you see very timid people transformed into amazingly confident performers. They go on TV and woo audiences that are sometimes in the millions, how do they do it? Confidence, and where does it come from? Them! They are the owners of this confidence, it comes from within them, and celebrity judges do not give it to them.


We all remember our great and not so great achievements, these either gave us confidence or took some away. We certainly all know what confidence is or is not, we are very familiar with the feeling of confidence and we can detect it in others as well as ourselves.


Funniest Home Videos is a great theatre of confidence. You see people who are over confident and you see the result when it all goes terribly wrong. They go from super confident to totally lacking in any confidence, flat, broken and dismayed. Confidence is like that, it is one of the human traits that can vary wildly depending on the situation you find yourself in at a particular moment. It can change rapidly and it can readjust itself no matter what happened to cause the upswing or the downswing.


The sales process for selling your home is by its very nature a confidence booster. You have confidently made a decision to sell and you are confident that you have a very good reason for this decision. You confidently made this decision taking into account either positive factors or negative ones, or a combination of both that influenced your decision. However, you have decided that you are now going to sell your house and you can have confidence in that decision.


The preparation of your home ready to sell will provide you with a series of confidence boosting increments that will assist you in your big performance, which is ultimately the sale of your house. It will contribute a very important element to your state of mind as you go about the business of selling.


You can start by making a list of things that need to be done to prepare for the sale, you can attend open inspections in your area to get an idea of what is on the market and who is selling. Talk to agents, other private sellers, taxi drivers, local trades people, mothers at school, people on the bus or the train, the postman, talk, talk, talk. All of this helps in building your confidence because selling your house is really just about talking to people.


Invite friends over for a BBQ or drinks, show them through your house, get feedback (don’t listen to it all) and get used to the idea of talking about your sale. Walk around your garden if you have one, look at the plants, look at the condition of everything, and familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny.


Write a short story for yourself that summarizes living in the area, describe the seasons, the things you feel are really special about your area, the good aspects and the not so good aspects. Maybe leave out the drive by shootings and the upcoming coalmine opening down the road. In all seriousness, someone who is committed to buying in your area will already know about the negatives. We live in an amazingly information rich world and it is easy for anyone to get information if they really want it. Try a Google search on crime in a particular area and see what you get. Google Coal Mines in suburban areas, try CSG operations, flooding, bushfires, and upcoming developments. Information on almost everything on the planet is available if you really want to research it. Buyers are no different than you; they will be doing their own research whilst you are preparing your house for sale.


Think of the process as producing a newsletter for your house, one that would interest other people. Go about it seriously, research local identities, fetes, markets, sporting events, community initiatives, don’t leave any stone unturned, become an expert in the area. Why? Because it will build your confidence, it will give you a sense of pride and you will feel very relaxed when you are talking to potential buyers about living in the area. It’s called small talk and it is the most powerful tool that you can use to relax both yourself and those that you will talk to about your sale.


To some this may sound daunting; however, selling your own home is a very easy and straightforward exercise. Most people will have no problem in doing it, as they see no difference from the various challenges that they face every day.


If you look at it logically, the best person to sell your home is you. You either bought it or built it, you have probably lived in it for some time and you know its great features and its not so great features. You can talk openly and honestly about living in the local area, the schools, the pubs and restaurants and most of all you can “sell it” to a potential buyer simply by being open and relaxed in your approach to them.


Be confident, you have every reason to be as the potential buyer wants to live in your area and they want a house just like yours or they wouldn’t be making an appointment to inspect it.  Their appointment to inspect your house will be based on their own research. They will have jumped many hurdles just to get to you, including convincing their partner, their bank manager, their children, their mates and probably their dog. They are seriously considering a purchase of a house just like yours, that’s why they contacted you and if your place fits their criteria they’re in.


Confidence comes in many forms; you just need to nurture and enhance the ones that inspire you and embrace them, then turn this new-found confidence into a great result.


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