Are ‘Best Agent In The Area Apps’ just a new Trojan Horse for further real estate industry deception?


Many vendors think that these websites are independent and are providing  true and correct information to guide you to choose an agent in your area who has a proven track record…..WRONG!

These sites simply lobby agents to get listed as the ‘Best in the area’ in return for a (sometimes very large) cut of their commission. They are simply another industry scam, leading vendors to believe they are getting the best agent when in effect all they are getting are the ones who can’t get their own listings. With a bit of simple homework on and you can easily find out who is selling the most properties in your area.

Most leading agents refuse to be listed on these new ‘Wonder Sites’ as they have no reason to share their commissions with anyone. They easily get their own listings in their area and vendors are attracted to the various SOLD stickers and make their own decision about who to list with based on attending Open Inspections and observing the local agents perform, or maybe not perform!

These ‘Find The Best Performing Agent In Your Area’ sites are simply squeezing an already dry LEMON. Agents commissions are falling, the assisted sale model where the astute owner becomes part of the sales team are flourishing, vendors are finding that they can save thousands of dollars on their sale by simply engaging in the process. These savings can go towards their next property purchase, fund a great holiday for the family, help with school fees and provide a myriad of other financial advantages for the whole family.

Be warned, the Best Agents are simply the ones paying the biggest clip of their ticket, or if you look at it another way they are further clipping your ticket!